Teton County Search and Rescue

Snow Peep(s)Show—November 30th-4Seasons Resort

Be Safe Out There!

Thank You Jackson Hole!

We know you have a lot of amazing choices when it comes to supporting non-profits in Jackson Hole.  Thank you for choosing our team.  To date in 2013, our team has trained over 2800 hours, rescued over 2300 hours and given back to the community over 1000 hours through outreach and education.  The money you donated to us will help keep our volunteers 100% supported.  
Please continue your support of our team by following us on Facebook or on our blog.  Thank you again for choosing Teton County Search and Rescue as your non-profit to support.  

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How Teton County Search and Rescue Members are 100% Committed to Jackson Hole 
1.  Volunteers have spent 2,200 hours rescuing people to date in 2013. 
2. Volunteers have spent over 2,800 hours on trainings, planning and community outreach to date in 2013. 
3.  The longest rescue this year took over 22 hours.. and utilized 75 boy scouts to help search
4. SAR volunteers spent 15 hours on Mother’s Day 2013 rescuing 3 people from the Wind/Ice Cave.  
5. SAR has been around since 1993, 20 year history in the valley of saving lives
6. 4 members of our current team joined in 1993, meaning they have 20 years of continual service for our community. 
7.  SAR members rescue 24 hours a day/7 days a week.. in the middle of Christmas dinner, 4th of July, negative 20 degree night—They are ALWAYS on call. 
8. 100% of donations directly support SAR volunteers through equipment purchases, advanced training, personal safety gear and community outreach. 
9. Over 60% of our search and rescue missions help local community members, like your neighbors, your co-workers and possibly you.  
10. 35 volunteers, 1 mission. Serve so others may live.  
Search and Rescue is 100% Committed to the Jackson Hole Community. 
Last year over 400 people donated to SAR through Old Bill’s. Please help us reach that target again!  Every donation and every contributor means so much to our volunteers.  Please join our team by donating to Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation today at www.oldbills.org.  Thank you and see you at Old Bills on Saturday! 


TCSAR rescue fallen climber at JHMR

Team members spent Wednesday night rescuing a fallen climber from the Rock Springs area of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  18 team members responded with ATV’s, high angle gear, a wheeled litter, medical supplies and overnight packs.  With quick response, highly motivated volunteers and a few partners—our patient was flown to St. Johns for evaluation.

Thank you EIRMC for your quick response and your ability to fly at night to our patient—it wasn’t easy—you are truly skilled.  

A huge thanks to the JHMR tram operators for their diligence, awesome ATV skills and the ability to run the tram until after midnight for us—riding an ATV off the tram—PRICELESS.

 Lastly, thank you Shooting Star for your parking lot—It enabled us to establish communications with our parties on the mountain when communications would otherwise be tricky.  

Open House Success

Thank you to all the community members who showed up at the Open House.  Search and Rescue volunteers are supported through a non-profit which you can donate to through Old Bills right now!  Every small donation helps and we appreciate your support.  Thank you Jackson Hole. 

Welcome Jessica King, Search and Rescue Coordinator

TCSAR Rescue Report: Dec 2012-May 2013

TCSAR Rescue Report.

We hope you pass this along to all of our friends, supporters and community members who have made this team what it is.  You’ll noticed we’ve added a few sections (Lessons Learned and Team Member Highlights) as well as a calendar highlighting call outs, assists and training days.

We are releasing this report just as Old Bills Fun Run begins accepting donations for the 2013 season.  We hope that you will remember our work when you make your donations this year.  TCSAR volunteers are so grateful for the support this community gives and relies heavily on your generosity to accomplish so much.

These funds are specifically used for advanced training, direct volunteer support, community education and equipment purchases.  To find out more about us and what we are up to, please feel free to visit us at www.tetoncountysar.org or join us on Facebook 

What’s In YOUR Pack?

TCSAR presents What’s in YOUR Pack; a hands on class exploring backcountry preparedness and safety for summer mountain users.  Topics include bear awareness and bear spray practice, top pack essentials and medical kit necessities.  All registered participants will receive gear from our sponsors that far exceeds the entry fee of $20.  

The class will be led by Kate Wilmot, bear specialist at GTNP, and TCSAR team members Jacob Urban and Mike Moyer.  

What’s in YOUR Pack? 

Date: May 21, 2013

Time: 6-8pm 

Where: TCSAR Hanger, 300 S Batch Plant Rd

To Register Visit: https://tcsar.wufoo.com/forms/whats-in-your-pack

More information?  contact info@tetoncountysar.org

TCSAR+BrewPub Fundraiser

Join TCSAR and The BrewPub in honoring 20 years of search and rescue. $1 of every beer purchased from 5-11 pm will directly support tcsar volunteers.

With every beer purchased you will also be entered into a raffle to win great gear from the pub and other local companies Mountain Khaki and Stio.

While you are there check out the upstairs expo of SAR gear, photos and hear stories from current and past members.